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Blackbird: Bio

Rachel spent her early childhood in Sweden, where her parents Rachel_Whistle_front_1.JPGsurrounded her with Swedish fiddle music and song, along with the classical music of their profession. She studied piano for many years. In her teens she began playing Irish music on flute, and has since added Contra dance and English Country Dance music to her repertoire. Playing music with friends is one of the great pleasures of her life, whether on stage or in the living room. Recently she has begun teaching as well, and enjoys opening up the world of playing for her students. 

In addition to Blackbird, Rachel has performed with Wind that Shakes the Barley, Skellig, Northern Spy and Trip to Norwich over many happy years of music making in New England. She plays wooden flute, whistles, accordion and piano, and sings. She also loves composing tunes inspired by the traditional music she enjoys from many cultures. 

Bob_fiddle_450.JPGBob's inspiration and love for Celtic music comes from his mother who was from Ballylanders in County Limerick, Ireland near the Galtee Mountains and the Glen of Aherlow. When he was a boy, she frequently sang in Gaelic and loved to play the fiddle and piano. Over the years his interest in traditional music continued to grow.

Bob carries on the tradition playing the fiddle, guitar, cittern and piano and makes frequent trips to Ireland to connect with the land, its people, the music and his roots. He is a founding member of Wind that Shakes the Barley, and has performed with Skellig. 

Bob also provides professional recording services for independent minded musicians, story tellers, and audio presentations in a comfortable home environment at the Otter Creek Studio. 

Blackbird Discography: 

   Whistle and Sing - 2013

   Good Morning, Good Night! - 2011 

Wind that Shakes the Barley Discography: 

    Lough Rask - 2008 

    Wind in the Sails - 2002 

 Bob also performs on: 

    Fortune turns the Wheel - 2000 

    Celtic Field - 1996