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Blackbird: Listening Room


August 6, 2013

Now it is sunny and warm on the point

And Lake Siljan embraces with its arms of blue;

The seeds rattle in the field

And all men will go out to harvest.

See here my whetstone and tub

And food in my bag to go out to the meadow

Now it's time to go do what's needed

I’ll surely be sweating before it’s done.


Little Anna, I've finished your rake

And carved your name in the handle.

Don't step into the stream, I'll carry you,

Carry you your whole life through if you'll be mine.

Don't be afraid, it's not so dangerous

You don't have to wet your small feet.

No, I shall carry you well.

It is so good that we are two.


The one supports so easily the other,

It's no fun to walk alone.

Together we wander out in the field;

One person can't do much useful, but two can.

What I fell, you rake together

And later carry into the barn.

Come let us walk in pleasure

Until God harvests his own.


You surely don't think I'd betray you

And forget you in pursuit of goods and gold?

One doesn't find happiness in wealth

Nor contentment from money.

But if, of all the fates, one owns

A true friend to the end,

Then can one be happy in death,

Then has one done as God willed.


Thank you, girl, you barely whisper

In my ear, but it sounds like 'Yes.'

Of course, we'll have bread to eat, it will be all right

If we are careful with our money.

With diligence and prayer and with true love

I'm sure we'll manage.

God gives us grain in our small barn

And thinks of us first and last.


See now it begins, the grass lies

Fallen where the harvester has been.

In vain the flower begs for her life,

Now her short spring is over.

And the flower falls from her stem

When the harvester comes with his scythe

And close in his footsteps there walks an angel

Who gathers and carries all in.