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Blackbird: Reviews and Venues


Whistle & Sing

Central Vermont musicians Rachel Clark and Bob DeMarco have been playing together for more than a decade, first as members of the Irish band Wind That Shakes the Barley, and for the past few years as duo Blackbird. The 13-tune sets and songs that are contained in their third release, Whistle and Sing, leave a lasting impression of many miles spent together on winding roads, and not just the 100-mile round trip from Florence to Sharon — she’s from Sharon, Vt., and he’s from “County Rutland.” Given the ease with which they play together — on a wide assortment of instruments, no less — it sounds as if they’ve covered those 100 miles many times to create and refine their music. 

Robert Resnik - Seven Days (2013)

Whistle & Sing

Often multi-instrumentalists producing and recording their own albums fall into the trap of filling up all the tracks on their recording machine because they can. A 16-track digital recorder can be a powerful music producer but in the wrong hands that same machine can lead to excess. Blackbird could have taken that route, but instead they produced their second full CD “Whistle and Sing” with a very sparing production that works beautifully.

Art Edelstein - Barre Times Argus (2013)


Good Morning, Good Night!

The folk duo Blackbird - Rachel Clark and Bob DeMarco from Florence - have released a CD of music, "Good Morning, Good Night! A Children's Collection," that is equally listenable for parents and others who enjoy good Celtic-flavored acoustic music.

Art Edelstein - Rutland Herald (2011)
 Some of our favorite venues where we've performed: 
  • Northwoods Stewardship Center
  • The Music Box
  • Burlington First Night
  • Ludlow Summer Concerts
  • The Tillotson Center
  • Rutland County Farmers' Market
  • Brandon Music
  • Norwich Farmers' Market
  • The Canoe Club
  • Waitsfield Farmers' Market
  • Tinmouth Firehouse Concert Series
  • Artistree
  • Eastview Terrace
  • Stone Church Arts
  • Wolfboro Friends of Music
  • Countless celebrations and happenings!