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"Tunes for You" by Rachel Geneve Clark

30 of Rachel's own tunes, including those that appear on our albums. Illustrated primarily with her line drawings.



Whistle and Sing

Our newest CD with our favorite traditional and homegrown tunes and songs! It has been awarded the 2013 Award for Best Traditional Music album. See our News page for details.


1. Madam I'm a Darlin'; 2. January 28 (Rachel Clark); 3. Nu är det soligt och varmt på näset; 4. Dreaming of May (Rachel Clark); 5. Crockery Ware; 6. Lullin' the Littlun' (Zetta Sinclair); 7. Paddy's Return, Rolling Waves, West Hill Road (Rachel Clark); 8. Lough Erne; 9. Chisty Barry's, Penny Hill, Jim O'Connor's (Rachel Clark); 10. By 'n By (Rachel Clark); 11. Geordie; 12. Hummingbird (Rachel Clark) 13. Joseph Baker; *All tunes/songs traditional except where noted.

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Good Morning, Good Night

A collection of home grown and Celtic folk music and songs geared for children and adults; arranged to rouse lively spirits and later settle them down for a quiet evening. Music is sung and played on fiddle, Irish flute, cittern, accordion, clarinet and piano.


Gus on the Run, On the Loose (Bob DeMarco, Rachel Clark); Peppermint Polka (Rachel Clark); Brian's Favorites (Bob DeMarco); Little Beggarman; The Merry Blacksmith; I'll Sing You a Song; Flop Eared Mule, Spootiskerry; The Parting Glass;  Waltz at the Edge of the World; Lullin' the Littlun (Zetta Sinclair); The Sleeping Tune; Singing Bird; Rainy Day Waltz (Rachel Clark); The Moon and Stars Watch Over You (Rachel Clark). *All tunes/songs traditional except where noted. 

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